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Coming to a school near you!

Ben and Ellie from Minster FM's Breakfast Show will be visiting schools across North Yorkshire and putting teachers to the test with a quiz in your school assembly.




The three teachers at the top of our leaderboard at the end will come into Minster FM for a live final to put the teachers to the final test. The winning teacher at the end will win £250 for the school to spend on projects or items of their choice, courtesy of WorkwithSchools – York’s specialist education recruitment service. Find out more about them below.

Test The Teacher Leaderboard


Position School           Teacher        


Poppleton Road Primary

Miss. Dykes 22


 Acomb Primary

Mr. Dennis 20


Forest Of Galtres Primary

Mrs. Brown  16


Bugthorpe Primary

Mrs. Ekers  3.5


Robert Wilkinson Primary

Mrs. Wright 2.5


Tang Hall Primary

Mr. Unsworth 2.5


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About WorkwithSchools

WorkwithSchools is proud to be involved in Minster FM's Test the Teacher and is looking forward to a great competition amongst the 12 contending schools.

The WorkwithSchools team have over 20 years schools recruitment experience placing permanent teachers, supply teachers and support staff in Primary and Secondary schools, colleges and nurseries; that’s experience their candidates and schools can depend on. 


Don’t just take their word for it, look at what their staff and schools say about WorkwithSchools...


“The quality of your teachers are far superior and you know exactly who we want. It was a clear choice to short list both of yours and we can't decide!”

“She was great, really thorough, dead keen and asked loads of questions and already of a much higher calibre than the other teachers we've had through other agencies.”

“I don’t know how we would have managed without your help in everything.”

“Excellent stepping in to help with this long time 1 to 1 booking with an SEN pupil. Fitted in really well and formed a great partnership with the pupil.”


“The team are friendly, professional, available, flexible and tried to work round my needs which made me feel secure in many ways. WorkwithSchools has a pension scheme package and annual leave available when I needed it which is a big bonus. I highly recommend WorkwithSchools!”

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at WorkwithSchools for making my time with you so enjoyable, you make a great team and I've loved being able to work alongside you all.”

“From the outset, you quickly found work for me and provided a high level of personal and professional support. Throughout, you have taken into consideration my availability and career development ideas and accommodated these when finding work. I am now happily working in a long-term role, which you arranged for me.”

WorkwithSchools – Education is your business – and ours

For more information about WorkwithSchools, please visit their website...

website   workwithyork.co.uk/work-with-schools