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How old are you? 30’s
How many children? 1, baby boy, Nicholas
What did you want to be when you were little? A carpet cleaner
Who do you admire? David Beckham
Fave film? Star Wars
Fave band? Scouting For Girls
The love of your life? Rachel Riley from Countdown
Married? Yes, but not to Rachel Riley
How did you meet? In a pub
How did you propose? By a Christmas tree in Edinburgh
Weight? 13 something!
Can’t live without? iPhone, iPad, iWhatever


Ben Fry

About Ellie

How old are you? 23
Worst habit? Not making my bed at home  – mum fines me!
What did you want to be when you were little? A travel journalist – free holidays!
Who do you admire? Spice Girls, mainly Geri
Fave film? Mean Girls
Fave band? Oasis
The love of your life? Food, any pizza
Secret skill? I can speak Spanish and bend my elbows inside out
Fave book? To Kill A Mocking Bird
Motto you live by? Suns out, guns out
Describe your dress sense? Shabby chic
Can’t live without? Gin



Ellie Brennan