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Name: Ben Fry

How old are you? 30’s

How many children? 1, baby boy, Nicholas

What did you want to be when you were little? A carpet cleaner

Who do you admire? David Beckham

Fave film? Star Wars

Fave band? Scouting For Girls

The love of your life? Rachel Riley from Countdown

Married? Yes, but not to Rachel Riley

How did you meet? In a pub

How did you propose? By a Christmas tree in Edinburgh

Weight? 13 something!

Can’t live without? iPhone, iPad, iWhatever


Ben Fry

About Roxy

Name: Roxanne Pallett

How old are you? Older than I look

Height? Fun size

What did you want to be when you were little? A mermaid

What's your favourite word? EyUp!

Who's your style icon? JLO

Most famous person in your phone? Piers Morgan

What couldn't you live without? My mam

Favourite singers? Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley

Favourite movie? All the Rocky films

Ideal snack? Fat Rascal with a pot of tea from Betty's

Are you single? Nope

Love of your life? Lee Walton from Thirsk


Roxanne Pallett