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York's Local Plan Map - Criticised

York Local Plan Map

7:50am 14th June 2013

It's claimed proposed wind farms - travellers' sites and housing developments have been left off a map of York.

The map's been sent out to homes in the city showing how it'll develop over the next 15 years.

But opposition Conservatives say the map is "deceptive and misleading" with many details missed out.

Cllr. Joe Watt, the CYC Conservative Group’s spokesperson on the council’s proposed Local Plan said:

“The map sent to residents is a dumbed-down and carefully edited version of the real thing and it looks very much as though Council Leader James Alexander hoped that by leaving certain controversial elements off this small-scale version that residents would be lulled into a false sense of security- either that or the council has employed an inept and negligent mapmaker.

“For example, look at the wind farms.  What, there are no wind farms on this map?  I invite residents to take a look at the unedited map- there are wind farms planned for all over York.  Not just a single turbine here or there- actual wind farms planned for fields near you.

“Now look at the so-called ‘strategic housing sites’.  We can see some of them on the map, but no names are given, nor are the numbers of dwellings planned for each major development, which is information which would have been easy to add and which is vital for residents to take into account to be able to take a reasoned view.  Even more deceptive is that smaller but still significant developments have not been indicated at all.  Where, for example, are the 42 of houses planned for north of Church Lane in Skelton? 

“Further, the map highlights areas called “safeguarded land” in the green belt.  Residents might take this to mean that this is land in the green belt safe from development, but it actually means the opposite, that it is land safeguarded from green belt designation and therefore available for further development.  Nowhere on the map is this made clear.

“Finally, the designations for the new gypsy, traveller and show-people sites are merely small round spots which do not adequately show their locations relative to their proposed host villages.  Yet again this is information which residents need to see and to understand clearly in order to make an informed contribution to the consultation process.

There's been no comment from the city council so far.

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