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Police Issue Warning To East Riding Caravan Owners


8:56am 6th June 2013

With the arrival of the holiday season and those long Bank Holiday weekends, Humberside Police say caravans are once making their appearance in large numbers on our roads.

Sergeant Pete Rogers from the Pocklington Neighbourhood Policing Team says that thieves do target caravans and the property inside them, whether they're parked up on the drive at home, on the side of a road when the owner parks up briefly, or even on a caravan site. He says that for this reason, they need protecting.

Humberside Police have these suggestions to keep your caravan safe this summer.

1. Firstly always immobilise your caravan, even on brief stops.

2. Lock the coupling head into a cover using a good quality hitch lock. These give a reasonable degree of protection from the opportunist thief. This will stop someone being able to hitch up your caravan to a vehicle in order to steal it. 

3. Use locking wheel nuts and a good quality clamp on your caravan wheels. This prevents the removal of wheels that are clamped and prevents the caravan being stolen.

4. Consider securing each corner by using a good quality padlock and make sure it has a short shackle to prevent thieves from cutting through it.

5. If you use a chain, make sure it's a strong, heavy duty one.

6. Alarms can stop thieves. There are some which go off should anyone try to enter the caravan, and which also respond to anyone trying to move it. They’re very loud and draw attention to what's going on. Always close doors, windows and roof lights before you leave your caravan. Make sure you always lock your caravan and know where the keys are.

The same rules apply to caravans as houses and cars: basically, don't leave items on display, say Humberside Police, as they encourage opportunist thieves. Consider nets or blinds, or simply make sure everything gets put out of view when you leave your caravan. 

Sergeant Pete Rogers says that, "So many people get their caravans broken into and items stolen simply because items are left on open display. Never leave credit cards, wallets or money in them. Just like with a car, you're making your property an easy target if you do. Mark up your property with your postcode (Pens are available at Police stations) and never leave doors or windows insecure. Enjoy your caravanning!"

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