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People In Pocklington and Market Weighton Advised To Think Before You Drink


10:40am 24th May 2013

Police in Pockligton and Market Weighton are reminding people to drink alcohol responsibly during this weekends’ bank holiday as part of their THINK B4 U DRINK campaign.

Humberside Police say that alcohol is part of many people’s lives and may have a place in cultural and family traditions. They add that although many people drink sensibly, sometimes it can be hard to know when you begin to drink too much.

The police say they often see an increase in drink related antisocial behaviour and violence over an extended weekend and particularly if the weather is good.

Inspector David Braysmith, from Humberside Police, responsible for Licensing matters and reducing violent crime, said:

“We want everyone to enjoy themselves – responsibly and safely this weekend.

“We know that whilst most people drink responsibly, there are a small minority that do not.”

A multi-agency campaign called Think B4 U Drink will be in full force during the May Bank Holiday, educating people of the dangers of alcohol.

He added: “Alcohol can dramatically change someone’s behaviour which often results in them doing something they may not do whilst sober.

“We are asking people to think about the consequences before they begin their night out.

“We want people to remember that one drink too many could change their night and the effect of their actions could harm others or lead to a criminal record for themselves.”

Insp Braysmith added: “Often people who have drunk too much alcohol will expect to suffer from a hangover the next day, and not fully realise that binge drinking and/or drinking more than the recommended intake on a regular basis can also cause long-term damage to their health.

“Alcohol is a drug that has the immediate effect of altering mood. Drinking it makes people feel relaxed, happy and even euphoric, but in fact alcohol is a depressant. It switches off the part of the brain that controls judgement, leading to loss of inhibitions. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol can affect physical coordination.  All of which can increase the risk of injury and/or harm.

“Alcohol related violence and anti-social behaviour puts significant demands on police resources and other public services, as well as having a negative impact on local communities. Think B 4 U Drink is a multi-agency campaign covering all aspects of alcohol related harm. In order to effectively address the issues it is essential there is a greater focus on joint working with other services dealing with alcohol related harms.

“Humberside Police’s involvement in the Think B 4 U Drink campaign is designed to raise awareness of the crime and disorder issues associated with alcohol and to bring about changes in behaviour in order to deliver positive outcomes.

“Our part of the Think B4 U Drink campaign will focus on individual responsibility and on the responsibility of those within the licensed trade.”

The Think B4U Drink campaign is run by a range of agencies within the Humber region. This includes Humberside Police, NHS, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service and Safer Roads Humber. Their overall aim is to reduce the effects alcohol can have on individuals, their families and friends and the local community.

For more details please visit www.ThinkB4Udrink.org

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