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Indonesian Government Visits North York Moors National Park

Indonesian delegation 220513

7:38pm 22nd May 2013

A delegation from the Indonesian Government has visited the North York Moors National Park on a fact-finding mission.

Indonesia has 50 national parks and more than 117 conservation areas. Six of the parks are World Heritage Sites. 

The parks are home to a wide range of animals, birds and ornamental fish including the three-metre long Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, the Sumatran tiger and the brilliantly-plumaged birds of paradise.

However, many of the parks are inaccessible either by car or on foot due to the poor road network and are under-used by tourists. They also suffer from poaching and encroachment by small-scale farmers because of land hunger.

The delegation from the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia was shown around the National Park by Janet Cochrane, Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre for Responsible Tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University.

The Indonesians hope their tour of the North York Moors – and a trip to the South Downs National Park – will help them decide how to invest in their own parks to attract more tourists from home and abroad.

Dr Cochrane said: “This was a particularly interesting visit for me because I’ve been associated with nature conservation in Indonesia for over 30 years, and there’s wonderful potential for the parks to generate funding for tourism to support both nature conservation and the national and local economy. It’s exciting to see that this important agency is now getting involved.”

Michael Graham, the National Park’s Assistant Director for Park Services, who met the delegation at the Sutton Bank National Park Centre, said: “We are delighted the Indonesian delegation chose to visit the North York Moors National Park to see how we integrate visitors and conservation and hear about some of the exciting things we are doing. They were particularly interested to hear about what we offer visitors at our two National Park Centres (Sutton Bank and The Moors Centre, Danby), how we work with local tourism businesses and draw extensively on the skills and enthusiasm of many volunteers.”

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