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York Women Wear Most Fake Tan


6:00am 11th May 2013

Women in York like to have the darkest fake tan's in the country. That's according to a survey on Saturday night rituals.

It found that the further north you go the deeper the shade of fake tan women asked for aspiring to look like tanned celebs like Cheryl Cole.

Beyoncé is the celebrity most women want to be like according to a new survey by online retailer fusefashion.com, which was conducted to unearth the habits of glamorous female partygoers across the UK.

The survey, which had more than 500,000 participants. The aim was to find out the importance of a Saturday night out and the getting ready rituals of Britain’s female shoppers as well as their beauty ideals and favourite celebrities.

The survey unearthed that shades of fake tan  grow considerably darker the further north you venture, with women in York being the queens of fake tan with more than 40 per cent saying they wear a ‘dark’ shade.

Yorkshire cities top the scales for seeing Saturday night as an important part of their week - York and Sheffield registered 50% responses for those who think Saturday is very important – closely followed by Newcastle with 48% and Belfast with 30%.

Surprisingly, the overall findings discovered that women from the ages of 16 – 40 take longer to achieve a more natural look, are not so fake and are proud of their bodies, according to the survey. They aspire to be like celebrities such as Beyoncé, Cheryl Cole and Rihanna, who promote a curvier more natural look while still maintaining that glamour and sex appeal, says the survey results.

It was the ‘Crazy in Love’ singer that emerged as a clear winner overall, almost topping the charts in every major city across the UK, including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Cardiff.

Results also found that despite the age of those taking part, the dream outfit for a Saturday night out was the same for both the 16-20 age group and those aged 40 and above.

Norwich, quite literally, stood out from the crowd with 67 per cent of women preferring to totter around the town in 6-inch heels, 2 inches above the national mainstream of 4-inches.

And it was the Norfolk contingent that came out on top again with 67 per cent saying it takes them all week to plan their Saturday night outfit, the highest in the country and Republic of Ireland combined.

In Plymouth 90 per cent of women said that they always buy an outfit for a night out with 50 per cent of these women willing to spend more than £91 on their big night out. Plymouth women take the least amount of time getting ready according to the survey with 50 per cent throwing it together between 30 minutes to an hour.

Only a handful of cities ventured into the 2-3 hour zone of getting ready - women in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, spend the most time getting ready, with 80 per cent spending 2-3 hours pampering before they leave the house.

Newcastle came on top of being the most fake city in the UK being the only city to record having fake lips, boobs, hair, nails, eyelashes and tan together, according to the survey.

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