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Selby Council Backs Plans for Closer Working with North Yorkshire Council

Selby District Council

12:07am 27th April 2013
(Updated 12:18am 27th April 2013)

Selby District Council has approved plans to push ahead with the greater integration of services with North Yorkshire County Council, although the proposals still await ratification by the county authority if they're to go ahead.

At a meeting of Full Council this week (Tuesday 23 April) Selby District councillors agreed that making such a link would benefit residents both by delivering a better front line service and in terms of delivering services even more cost effectively.

The move builds on the innovative new approach to how District Council services are delivered in the Selby area, which has already saved local taxpayers around £1.4million each year.

The principles behind the greater integration of services will be to try to join up front line services so customers of both authorities need to deal with just one person to access services from either.  Also to see whether a more integrated approach to some 'back office' functions could deliver further savings for the councils, both of whom have already delivered significant long-term savings for taxpayers over recent years.

Leader of Selby District Council, Cllr Mark Crane, said, "This is the next logical step along the way for Selby District Council and I believe it will help us to secure the future of local government in this area.

"By working more closely together we can deliver a better front line service, in particular for those needing the most support, and do so far more efficiently compared to working separately as we do now.

"We won't lose local political accountability; this isn't a takeover of one council by another.  This is about delivering better services for less money."

The County Council will consider the proposals at a meeting on 15 May, following the elections to be held early next month.

Such a link could benefit customers of council services in many ways.  For example, housing and benefit services are delivered by the District Council, social care services by the County Council; yet there will be some customers who use all three services.  One of the core principles of these new proposals is that a customer will be able to access any local authority service from the same source, regardless of the organisation delivering it.

The proposals must await the decision of North Yorkshire County Council before they can proceed.

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