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People Living Near York Taxi Rank Complain of Drunken Trouble


3:47pm 18th April 2013

People living near a York taxi rank are asking for action to stop unpleasant drunken behaviour.

Noise and fights at the Duncombe Place taxi rank are common according to people living near by.

Drunks have also been using the area as a toilet, underwear has been left on the grass and in one case a fire was started on someone's doorstep.

It's being recommended to York Council that:

  • That the Duncombe Place taxi rank should continue to operate as a 24 hour rank because there is a demand for it and there is no practical method of preventing its use by individuals seeking a taxi.
  • That the head of the rank be relocated further towards the Museum Street junction to enable clearer more reliable CCTV monitoring of the head of the rank.
  • That the existing shelter near the existing head of the rank be removed to remove a potential focus for rowdy activity and to improve the street scene.
  • Continue working with the Police to aid their efforts in combating the anti-social behaviour that takes place to try to resolve the concerns of residents.


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