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Calls to Stop Child Abuse in North Yorkshire Before it Starts


10:25am 18th April 2013

There are calls for a new approach to protect our region's children from abuse.

A new report shows for every child protected, another eight have suffered maltreatment.

The charity estimates it would cost up to half a billion pounds every year to provide protection plans to just a quarter of these hidden children.

Janet Thompson, NSPCC children's services manager for the Almond Tree Project, said:

"Abuse and maltreatment can have a devastating effect on a child's mental and physical health. Without support to overcome their early experiences, a child can be scarred for life.

"When we discover abuse we must do everything we can to protect children from further harm and help them recover. But child protection services are already working in overdrive, so we must prevent abuse from happening to so many children in the first place. By identifying and supporting vulnerable children and their families early we can stop abuse before it starts and set a new course to give children a brighter, happier future.

"We are working closely with statutory services and other partners across the region to develop services that are based on some of the best models of child protection in the world."

The Safecare programme is just one of the preventative services which the NSPCC offers to people within North Yorkshire to prevent children experiencing abuse or neglect.

There are many factors that can lead to child neglect, but Safecare is one way we can help prevent it from taking hold.
Safecare gives mums and dads support to build their parenting skills before problems set in.
NSPCC practitioners work with families in their home over four to five months to build parents' skills and set positive routines relating to child health, nutrition, home safety and supervision, and parent-child interaction.

Janet said: "Working with families closely over a period of a few months is really rewarding.
"I've seen so many parents build their confidence, which in turn helps them build better relationships with their children and learn how to manage behaviour when difficulties arise.

"Some parents haven't had the kind of support in their own lives which gives them the skills they need for parenting. It's easy for problems to escalate when mums and dads don't know how to tackle them. SafeCare helps prevent problems before they grow into serious concerns."

"All of the NSPCC's services are provided free both to the families we work with and to our partner organisations such as local authorities, schools and the NHS, thanks to the generosity of the public who support us. By supporting our work, the public can help us continue to develop services to stop child abuse before it starts. By sharing the learning from our services we want to help transform the UK's approach to child protection and keep every child safe."

How Safe are our Children - launched by the charity today - is the first ever national child abuse tracker. Its new report presents 19 indicators of child protection in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The NSPCC will now monitor progress against the indicators on a regular basis.

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