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Food Warning to Allergy Sufferers in Thirsk and Easingwold


4:28pm 11th April 2013
(Updated 4:29pm 11th April 2013)

Hambleton and Richmondshire District Councils are urging people with food allergies to always check the ingredients when eating out.

The authorities are supporting the Food Standards Agency warning following recent cases of severe and fatal allergic reactions..

“Almost three quarters of food allergic reactions happen when people eat out,” said Maria Bentley, Lead Environmental Health Officer.

“Even though similar meals are sold in many shops, supermarkets and restaurants, different recipes and ingredients can be used to make these dishes. It is vital, if you have a food allergy to always ask about the ingredients used in a dish when eating at a restaurant or food outlet

” Even if you have eaten a particular dish in one restaurant, don’t assume it will have the same ingredients the next time or in a different restaurant.”

The Food Standards Agency has five steps to staying safe whilst eating out

  • When you book a table, let them know about your food allergy or intolerance – ask them if they can check with the chef if they can provide you with a meal that doesn’t contain the food or ingredient you react to
  • Make sure the waiting staff know about your allergy or intolerance and how serious it is when you arrive at the restaurant
  • When you order your food make sure the waiter or waitress writes down your allergy and ask them to give the note to the chef, as spoken messages can be easily forgotten
  • Read the menu carefully to see if there is any mention of the food you react to in the name or description of a dish – if the staff don’t seem sure that the dish is free from that food, its better to ask them to check with the chef or to order something else
  • If you are not confident that the restaurant and their staff understand how important it is for you to avoid a particular food or ingredient, it’s probably better to eat somewhere else.


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