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Climate Change Centre Launching at York University


5:01am 7th April 2013

Climate change will be the focus of a new centre that's opening at York University tomorrow.

Experts at the York Environmental Sustainability Institute will study the causes and effects of global warming and will look at finding solutions for the environmental challenges facing the planet.

To mark the launch of the York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI), and in celebration of the Universities 50th Anniversary and the Centenary of the British Ecological Society, the University of York is to co-host a major international conference starting tomorrow.

 ‘Global Change and Biosphere Interactions’ on 8 and 9 April 2013 will feature leading international academics highlighting the latest advances in our understanding of the past, present and future consequences of human impacts on the earth system.

Focused on sustainable solutions to global environmental change, experts will reach across disciplinary boundaries to address the causes and consequences of global change and the implications for policy.

The meeting will offer opportunities for the discussion of the role of interdisciplinary research in understanding the impacts of global change and in enabling society to mitigate and adapt to these impacts, says the University of York.

Taking place in the University’s 50th Anniversary year, the event marks the official launch of YESI, an interdisciplinary research institute whose approach to research is based on an equal partnership between physical, natural and social sciences.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of York, Professor Brian Cantor, said: “In our 50th year, it is a great honour to join the British Ecological Society in marking not only their Centenary but the establishment of the York Environmental Sustainability Institute. YESI brings together the University of York’s expertise from across the disciplines to address the environmental challenges facing the planet. YESI aims to provide innovative solutions to the problems of managing the world’s finite resources.”

Professor Sue Hartley, Director of YESI added: “The sustainable use of our natural resources has been recognised as central to human wellbeing for over a hundred years, but we now face global environmental challenges that threaten both ourselves and our planet. YESI combines the talents of world class researchers to generate the evidence base for sustainable solutions to these pressing issues.

Hazel Norman, Executive Director of the British Ecological Society said: “This is an exciting year for the BES as we celebrate our centenary. The Society's centenary is a great opportunity to reflect on the amazing advances in ecology over the past 100 years and, even more importantly, to look forward to the contribution ecology can make to tackling the new challenges we face. This is particularly relevant to the topic of this major conference; we must now address the rapid changes that have been made to our environment over the past 100 years and ensure that this is managed sustainably for the future.”

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