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Green Waste Changes for York Revealed


4:12pm 21st March 2013

People in York will have to pay for extra green bins and Towthorpe tip is set to close on Wednesdays.

The city's green waste collections will also stop in the Winter, under recommendations in a new council report.

But the city council will not bring in charges for garden waste collections.

David Levene, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “We are committed to providing the best possible service to residents and businesses, and recognise that to achieve this we needed to listen closely to their views. This consultation enabled us to hear what residents wanted before any decisions on garden waste or Towthorpe opening hours were made. We’ve been open and honest with the public throughout this process, but given the challenging financial situation facing the council a review of all services is essential.”

Opposition Conservative councillors have attacked the Labour-run council's recycling record.

Councillor Paul Doughty said “Residents who care about the environment have seen an entire series of setbacks under this administration. First we had the closure of Beckfield Lane Recycling Centre. Then we learned that household recycling targets are due to be missed and that the landfill taxes which must be paid as a result of decreased recycling are predicted to rise by 12.5%.  Just last month Labour also made it clear that they are planning on charging residents for emptying green waste bins, which they listed as a saving in their budget despite this issue allegedly still being out for consultation.”

“Quite frankly this is an appalling record. As a result, with support of Conservative colleagues, I helped to spearhead both a paper petition which is growing rapidly by the day and an additional e-petition online to object to what we believe is the next act of vandalism on Labour’s environmental list, the corrosion of service at Towthorpe Recycling Centre.” 

“Labour are not serious about recycling, which they see purely as an issue for residents of the outer villages. This is one reason why they have been quick to look at charging extra on top of Council tax for emptying green bins, which Labour thinks only affects those residents with lawns and gardens.  But increased landfill taxes and a poor recycling record, not to mention the closure of centres which provide basic services to residents, affects us all. With this motion I am asking Labour whether, for all of their huffing and puffing over vague notions of “sustainability”,  they are actually serious about York’s commitment to the environment, because I can tell you that the Conservative Group is and we will fight to keep York’s remaining recycling centre (outside the City Centre) open for business!”

The council's cabinet will make a decision on the plans next month and a motion from Conservative councillors about rubbish collections in the city will be debated next week.

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