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Pocklington Police Warn Of Bogus Callers

Humberside Police

6:01am 3rd March 2013

Police in Pocklington are warning people to be on their guard against bogus callers.

The advice is to check who the caller is and if you're in doubt, don't let them in.

Sergeant Pete Rogers from Humberside Police says:

"Bogus callers are a problem in any Police area and occasionally we get them in ours. Most people who come to your door may be genuine callers, but sometimes, you can't be sure and so you need to "think security" before opening your door to them!

"Bogus callers can be very persuasive people: they very often prey on the elderly or vulnerable. They can claim to be from the local authority, health services, gas, electric or water companies, or simply claim to be trades people calling to carry out repairs. Sometimes they can even pretend to be from the police!  So we all need to beware!"

Here's some simple advice from Humberside Police when somebody knocks on your door or rings your doorbell:

- Look to see who it is outside before opening up.

- Fit a chain on your door so you can open your door to talk to people with the chain engaged.

- Always lock your doors. Sometimes bogus officials work in pairs, and whilst you're distracted at the front door, another may be coming through your back door!

- Check the caller's identity before you let them in. If in doubt shut the door and call the company or organisation they represent. Remember to use the phone book, not the number on their identity card! If the person is genuine, they'll understand and wait.

- If still in doubt, ask the caller to leave and tell them to write and make an appointment so that someone else can be with you.

Sergeant Pete Rogers from Humberside Police says:

"If in doubt, don't let them in!"

"In addition to bogus callers, "cold callers" are another problem, particularly in the spring and summer months when people turn up unannounced asking if you want your trees pruning, your guttering mending or your drive tarmaccing. Whilst some do operate legitimately, others take advantage, do shoddy work and then charge exorbitant amounts in payment. If payment is refused they can become intimidating. Again, individuals like this often prey on those who are weakest".

Sergeant Rogers adds that the simple solution is "Say No Thanks"

He adds that: "We need you to keep us posted in relation to suspicious people and vehicles in our area, so ring us on 101 and log details of anyone you're not happy with. Sometimes, that bit of information you're providing is the final piece in the jigsaw that can help solve a crime or identify someone trying to commit acts like those I've described".


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