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York Hotel Discovers Ancient Well in Garden

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5:26pm 26th February 2013

York’s Mount Royale Hotel has rediscovered an ancient well in the hotel’s garden.

The garden has been undergoing winter maintenance work around an ancient well that was originally discovered over 30 years ago.

“As a long-standing York family hotel business we have continued to develop the hotel and always have redesign and maintenance work completed in winter when the gardens are used less by guests. The well has been there for a long time and this winter’s work programme reminded me of its original discovery.” comments director Stuart Oxtoby.

The hotel management is unsure of its origins. The well was discovered originally by York Archealogical Trust who excavated the site 30 years ago when the hotel’s swimming pool was constructed. Since then no-one has ventured down the well and the hotel is now looking for a ‘Well Expert’ who might be prepared to go down it to try and discover more about it.

“There is evidence on record of a number of scattered burial sites in this area and we could be located on one such site, it would be interesting to know the significance of the well. The City’s heritage is the main reason for visitors coming to York which the hotel has supported throughout its own history and it will be interesting to learn of our well’s history. Hopefully someone will come forward with an interest and help us to understand more about it. My late father would sometimes threaten to throw me into the well when he was displeased with me!” adds Stuart

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