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Descendent of King Richard III Backs Campaign for York Burial

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12:18pm 7th February 2013
(Updated 1:40pm 7th February 2013)

A man who claims to be a relative of Richard III is backing the campaign for the King to be buried in York.

Charles Brunner who says he is a descendent of Richard III's sister Anne said in a statement:

"Think about this being a member of your family. Where would you want them to go? Where they wanted to go or the town they were taken to after they were killed, where they were stripped bare and put on public display?"

"I would say that we repatriate those who give their lives in battle, so why is this any different? We don't leave them a few miles from where they fell- they are brought home. Richard III deserves this, as does anyone. It is a matter of justice."

Charles Brunner has given an interview to Minster FM:


An online petition to bring the King back to York has more than 10,000 signatures.

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