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Four in Five Minster FM Area MPs to Vote Against Gay Marriage


4:26pm 5th February 2013

Ahead of a vote of gay marriage in the House of Commons tonight four out of five MPs in the Minster FM area say they'll be voting against the proposals.

Labour MP for York Central Hugh Bayley is the only MP in our area in favour he says on his website:

"In Government Labour did a lot to legislate for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans equality.  When we came to power it was illegal for public bodies – teachers or local government officers – to promote homosexuality. That mind set is now history.

There are hundreds, or maybe even thousands of same sex couples in my constituency, and they should have an equal right to marry and the same recognition from the state as anyone else.

I support Labour’s campaign for equal marriage and will continue to press the Government for equal treatment of heterosexual and same-sex partnerships, and will vote in favour of gay marriage if and when there is a vote in the House of Commons."

The MP for York Outer Julian Sturdy says he was initially in favour of the plans but after much thought has now changed his mind over concerns about the implications on religious freedom.

Anne McIntosh, who represents Thirsk and Malton will be voting against, she says:

“As there were no such proposals in the Conservative Party manifesto in the last General Election, I do not believe that such a Bill is appropriate at this time.”

“The Government’s attention should now be focused on reviving the economy at this time and fulfilling our commitment made at the time of the last election of implementing the married couple’s tax allowance.”

“My understanding of marriage is very clear; it is the union of a man and a woman, for their comfort, safety and sustenance, and for the upbringing of children. Civil partnerships ensure that there is no discrimination. In my view, marriage is special and should be respected and celebrated as such.”

“While it is wrong to discriminate against homosexuals, I believe it is equally wrong to discriminate against those with strong religious beliefs, such as believing that marriage between a man and a woman is special.”

“I therefore will not be supporting the same sex marriage proposals in this Bill. Our main focus should be on the economy and ensuring we reduce the deficit and the country’s debt for the long term interests of the country.” 

The office for Selby & Ainsty MP Nigel Adams confirmed he would be voting against the plans but the MP was in meetings and unavailable for an interview.

A spokesman for Greg Knight, who represents Pocklington and Market Weighton said the MP "is unconvinced the case has been made for change and so will be voting against in the second reading tonight."

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