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Row Over State of Roads in York.


7:18am 31st January 2013

A row's broken out over the state of the roads in York. The opposition Lib Dems are accusing the city council of cutting road maintenance budgets and quick fix repairs. But Labour council leader James Alexander says York's roads are in a better state than neighbouring areas.


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Cllr Nigel Ayre, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Heworth Without, commented:


“I reported a pothole on Heworth Village which was repaired within 14 days.  However, only a few days later the repaired section had already crumbled away and was, if anything, worse than before. Council staff have had to come back and repair the section again, but once more the same thing is now happening.


“It is clear that the lack of regular maintenance has led to a rapid deterioration in the state of the city’s roads. The number of defects that have accumulated are now so large that repairs are having to be carried out to inferior standards just to cope with the workload.  It is unclear when the council will be able to revert back to the usual standard of work.  Repairing the same problems over and over is costing the city dearly at a time it can not afford it.  It is also unclear what the impact of these poor surfaces will be on individual legal claims against the council.


Cllr Carol Runciman, Liberal Democrat Group Leader on City of York Council, commented:


“This is typical of the short sighted nature of this Labour administration. They axe recycling centres and don’t anticipate increased landfill tax and fly-tipping. They axe salt bins then look on amazed as roads and footpaths became dangerous. Time and again they are warned of the consequences of their flawed policies but plough on regardless. 


“No doubt we will hear the same tired excuse of government funding cuts. The truth is Cllr Alexander can find the money for arts barges and trips to Cannes and can turn down £3.5 million in government funding, but basic frontline services are cut. It is clear that the tactic from Labour is ‘no pain, no electoral gain’. They cut services, make taxpayers suffer, and blame it on the coalition government to try to aid the party’s general election hopes. Thankfully residents in York are seeing through this deceit.”


Let us know what you think about the state of the roads in York by tweeting us on @minsterfm.

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