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Funding to Help York School Children


6:15am 31st January 2013

130-thousand pounds will be spent to help school children in York who are falling behind in English and Maths. The 500-pounds per pupil will hit school bank accounts this morning. It's expected to be spent on things like catch up classes and one to one tuition.


Cllr Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Education, Children and Young People on City of York Council, commented:


“No pupil should be left behind in our schools, to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to get on in life. To achieve this it is hugely important that every child has a strong grasp of maths and a good reading ability when they start at secondary school.


“Catch-up classes and personal tuition are targeted at those who need a helping hand, so their chances of success are increased rather than letting them fall behind further.


“This will allow whole classes to move forward faster together by boosting pupils’ motivation which will prevent disruptive behaviour in class.


“By putting fairness back at the centre of our schools system, Liberal Democrats are ensuring that everyone can get on in life. It will allow children to flourish and will help us build a stronger economy.”


Commenting further, Nick Clegg said:


“Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life. Education is critical to that.


“The consequences of a pupil being left behind in the basics when they start secondary school can last for the rest of their education.


“The catch-up premium money being handed out to schools today will help pupils catch up with their peers as quickly as possible. Every child should have the chance to succeed and get off on the right foot when they start their new school.”

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