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York MP Meets People in Naburn to Discuss Flooding

Julian Sturdy

11:39am 29th January 2013

On Friday the York Outer MP, Julian Sturdy, met with residents in Naburn and representatives from the flooding agencies to draw up an action plan to help the village prevent further incidences of flooding. Present at the meeting was Mr Sturdy, Councillor George Barton, the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, the City of York Council and the Drainage Board; as well as a group of residents and parish councillors from the village.

The discussions followed an open meeting in November hosted by Mr Sturdy, in which residents voiced their many concerns about the severity of recent flooding. It was decided then that a working group would be formed to discuss potential resolutions to the long term problems facing the village and to draw up an action plan in response to any future flooding incidences.

On his recent meeting, Mr Sturdy said:

"It was a real pleasure to meet with the Working Group in Naburn and to see the results of their hard work over the past few months. I was also pleased to see the flooding agencies working together with one another and with the local community to achieve the results that the people of Naburn so badly need."

"Of particular concern to me is that the government's agreement with the insurance industry, which guarantees the continuity of cover for homes at high risk of flooding, is due to expire in June this year. I will continue to put pressure on the government to negotiate a new agreement with the insurance industry and ensure that my constituents are not left without any flooding cover at all. Not only do I want the government to reach a new agreement, but I believe my constituents deserve a better agreement, where flooding insurance is more available and more affordable than it is at present. I will do all I can to achieve this for them."

Councillor George Barton said:

“News of the regular flooding that we experience in York always seems to concentrate on the City Centre and few know of the sheer misery constantly suffered by the residents of Naburn. Four times of late they have been marooned by floodwaters making access by emergency vehicles impossible and rendering homes uninhabitable. The villagers resolve to improve matters through their own physical endeavours and the enlisting of help from key environmental agencies is truly remarkable and shows "true grit." Along with our MP, Julian Sturdy, I shall be working closely with all involved to find a solution to the problem."

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