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Selby Wildlife Appeal for a New Home for Noah

Noah the hedgehog

10:39am 9th January 2013

During the recent severe flooding in the York area, Noah the hedgehog found himself in a very prickly situation, according to Selby Wildlife Rescue.


Deep in hibernation when the floods hit, Noah was washed from his nest and had to be fished out of the water by Selby Wildlife Rescue.


Noah was almost dead, in shock, freezing cold and suffering from pneumonia, says Annette Pyrah.


Annette is the founder of Selby Wildlife Rescue and said, "Noah is one lucky hedgehog.  Not only was he spotted struggling to escape the icy waters, I was able to fish him out and get him straight to the vets.  Noah was kept warm, given anti-biotics and has now grown into a large handsome fellow.  He still has a few rattles in his chest, but the vet says this is due to the scarring on his lungs caused by the pneumonia.


"With the River Ouse bursting its banks and fields waterlogged for weeks on end, wildlife has struggled to survive.  Not only hedgehogs have been in peril but the Rescue Centre has seen barn owls and tawny owls starving and half the weight they should be" says Annette.


"Even now, baby hedgehogs are still being taken to the Barlby based Rescue some weighing just 250g, this means they were born in November, a time when hedgehogs should really be in hibernation. However, Noah the hedgehog is now a whopping 1000g in weight and is ready to go to a new home."


"Noah is very special" says Annette, who did not expect Noah to survive the night.


"He is a fighter and deserves a second chance. We have had him for two months now and he is quite a character. I will be sad to see him go.


"Anyone who would like to give Noah a new home should be prepared to supplement feed him until he goes back into hibernation once cold weather returns.  Also he will need a box in which to hibernate and his new home should not be near a road, have a pond into which he can fall or have visiting badgers."


As hedgehogs are in serious decline Annette is prepared to release two young females, Sugar and Spice, with Noah in order to help boost the hedgehog population.


Help, advice and an information pack will be given to help care for Noah and Annette asks for a donation in return for the Rescue Centre.


"We have had over 30 hedgehogs in since the flooding, so although we never charge, donations  allow us to continue our work helping orphaned, sick and injured wildlife back to the wild where they belong.  We have several very small, underweight  hedgehogs which will be staying with the Rescue until springtime, so anyone who feels they can make a donation, please do get in touch"


Annette can be contacted on 07803 180720 or 01757 290459 or by visiting the website www.selbywildlife.co.uk

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