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Improvements for York


7:19am 18th September 2012

York has been given nearly 5 million pounds to improve infrastructure and transport services in the city.

The City is the third fastest growing in the UK and it's hoped the investment will improve the economy here.

The Council wants to revolutionise how people choose to travel, with the launch of the i-Travel York programme.

City of York Council Statement:

City of York Council is putting the wheels in motion of a revolution in how people choose to travel around the city, with the launch of its i-Travel York programme on Tuesday 18 September 2012.

The council recently secured £4.65 million to fund the i-Travel York programme, which will lead to infrastructure enhancements, improvements to existing transport services and improve the economic prospects of the city.

York is the third-fastest growing city in the UK (Centre for Cities: Cities Outlook 2011) and its historic layout means that tackling congestion and improving the quality of travel is a key transport challenge.

The i-Travel York programme aims to inspire people to care for the city's environment and their health by considering what their best travel option might be. The All York city-wide weekly bus ticket has just been launched by the council and car sharing and Park & Ride services will be promoted along with more sustainable options such as walking, cycling, moped, scooter and motorcycling.

A thriving economy can mean higher levels of traffic, so York aims to encourage more sustainable commuting to free-up road space and reduce the impact of transport on the local environment. i-Travel York will further enhance the city's prosperity and growth potential by helping to improve the speed and quality of journeys to work while helping to promote more sustainable development.

The council is also launching a new website; www.itravelyork.info where residents can access live traffic information, travel tips and health advice as well as a video explaining the benefits of sustainable travel.

Councillor Dave Merrett, cabinet member for Transport, Planning and Sustainability said:

"While we fully support motorists in York who rely on their cars for business and family commitments, we are conscious of the need to reduce congestion and vehicle emissions and are asking people to consider using more sustainable options wherever possible, especially those with health benefits.

"We're proud that York already has a high number of people who take the bus, walk or cycle around our city and we want to build on that."

The programme will launch in the city centre with a series of public engagement activities, entertainment and promotional activity.

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