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Public pressure forces bin rethink

bin problems

12:49pm 15th August 2012

Local residents are celebrating after a Labour U-Turn has seen litter bins reinstated in a York village.
Last month, in a move that sparked cross-party and public anger, 349 litter and dog bins were removed by City of York Council, including 12 in Fulford. Liberal Democrat Councillor Keith Aspden lobbied the Council against the cuts and organised a petition in the village, which so far has been signed by over 100 local residents.
The Council has now responded and replaced one of the removed bins outside the new convenience store on Main Street. In addition they have relocated another bin to the Sir John Hunt Homes. Cllr Aspden recently visited the Sir John Hunt Homes near Fulford Road and met with the resident Gardener, Paul Lund, who explained that litter dropped into the grounds had doubled since the bins were removed and called for them to be returned.
Councillor Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat Councillor in Fulford, commented:

“This seems to be an admission that the original decision to remove without warning or consultation nearly half of the litter bins in Fulford was a mistake. Residents have contacted me to say that they have seen an increase in litter and my petition has already been signed by over 100 residents from affected streets. Removing bins from areas such as outside the shops on Main Street was a short-sighted decision and I am pleased to see the Council has seen their error.

“I hope that the Council now has a wider rethink in Fulford and across York. They should replace all the bins where there is a demand to so and where an increase in litter has been reported. This could easily be funded by Labour reducing the money they spend on their allowances, cutting the Leader’s personal £1 million slush fund, or reducing the spending on Trade Union officials.”

Other bins across York are also being returned and relocated after pressure from Liberal Democrat Councillors and local residents, including on Huntington Road outside the Tesco Express store.

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