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Job Prospects Up in York

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12:01am 9th August 2012

You're more likely to land yourself a job in York now than you were a year ago.

Stats show, on average, 14 people are applying for each advertised post.

At the start of 2012, that figure was up to 17.

Details from online firm totaljobs.com who carried out the research:

Research by totaljobs.com has revealed that jobseeker confidence in Yorkshire has soared in the past twelve months, with the number of unemployed in the region confident in finding a job in the next year jumping from 49% in 2011 to 62%. The percentage of unemployed people out of work for longer than 12 months has fallen by just over five percentage points, to 15 per cent and the corresponding rise in the number of jobseekers who believe they'll find work within the year suggests jobseekers feel reinvigorated and hopefully, not over-confident.

The decrease in the number of long-term unemployed can be, in part, put down to the flexibility of jobseekers in Yorkshire: 72% of those surveyed are prepared to take a job they're over-qualified for; 44% said they would accept pay-cuts; and 61% are willing to take on part-time work. The research suggests that jobseekers are willing to compromise to meet the demands of a stagnant labour market.  

Not only are jobseekers in Yorkshire becoming more flexible in their employment needs but they are also modernising their approach.  57% search for jobs using their mobile phone, up 31% on last year, and 67% of tablet users use their device to apply for work, suggesting that more are jobseeking on the go.  The totaljobs.com mobile website has also seen a dramatic increase in users, with almost 1.7 million visits from mobiles in June 2012, up 134% year-on-year.

Gary Reilly, regional manager, Yorkshire at totaljobs.com says of the findings:

"Despite the fact the UK is in a double dip recession, we've seen SMEs and family run businesses in Yorkshire continue to grow and provide job opportunities in the region. For example, The Arena Group, located in Wakefield, plans to recruit up to 90 new employees by 2015 - providing long-term career opportunities to the people in the area. This trend in employment is likely to continue following the Government's move to provide new, low cost loans to banks for investment in smaller businesses which will create even more opportunities to local communities.

With the digital age taking such prominence in the Olympics Opening Ceremony,  it's only apt that we are seeing the rise of the 'techno jobseeker', with over half of jobseekers in Yorkshire using their mobile phones to search for work, and a third of these doing so several times a day. I believe that over the next two years, jobseeking via mobile devices will become the number one way to search and apply for jobs online."

Regional outlook

However, Yorkshire's rising confidence seems to be an anomaly in the wider area. Despite rising confidence in Yorkshire there remains evidence of strong differences between the north and south of England.

One in five of all jobseekers in the north of England (17%) are unsure they'll be employed within the next 12 months. By contrast jobseekers in London appear much more confident in finding employment within the next 12 months, as 68% of jobseekers are confident they will find employment within the next year.

Gary Reilly explains why these regions have been so badly affected:

"The collapse of the heavy industries has hit areas such as the north east hard, which combined with the demise of the public sector in the north west, means any job creation in these parts of the country will require a huge amount of investment structurally, in order to make these areas more appealing to the private sector.

The north/south divide within the labour market is even reflective in the rise of techno-jobseeker. The depressed labour market in the north has meant jobseekers in the region are innovating earlier, with 57% of jobseekers in the north-west and Yorkshire using their mobile to search for jobs, compared to 48% in the south east. "

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