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Stay safe and well during the Olympics

London 2012

12:40pm 27th July 2012

NHS bosses at NHS Yorkshire and the Humber are urging people to enjoy the summer holidays and the Olympics safely.

During the summer months GPs and hospitals see an increased number of people with injuries and illness which are connected to the season and typical summer activities.

Director for public health at NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, Dr Andrew Clark, said:

“Summer is a time when people want to get out and about, and that is great, whether you are going to Olympic events or not, it is important to stay safe while doing so.

“There are a number of things to be aware of but there are simple steps that people can take to stay safe and enjoy the summer, for instance, don’t stay out in the sun too long, cover up and use sun cream. People should also drink plenty of water when the weather is hot.

“When out walking wear appropriate footwear to avoid slips and falls and make sure you cook food thoroughly when barbecuing.

“Don’t forget if you have been out and about, especially in the countryside, washing your hands before eating will prevent picking up a stomach bug.

“With all the exciting sporting activities taking place in England and elsewhere this summer now’s the time to be inspired by the Olympics, join the fun and get active. It’s a great opportunity for the whole family to stay healthy. Why not take advantage of the time off school or work by going swimming, cycling or walking in order to have fun and stay in shape.”

Tips for a safe Olympic summer  

1)    Cover up and/or use sun cream when out and about in the hot weather

2)    Drink plenty of water (especially if you are elderly) to prevent dehydration

3)    When camping or on picnics remember to wash your hands regularly in order to prevent picking up a stomach bug

4)    When barbecuing, make sure food is cooked thoroughly. If food is not cooked properly bugs in meat can be swallowed and cause an upset stomach

5)    When walking in the countryside wear appropriate footwear to avoid slips and falls

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