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Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year

Peaceful demo against MOD cuts across Yorkshire


9:22am 24th July 2012
(Updated 9:24am 24th July 2012)

Peaceful protests will take place across Yorkshire later against planned cuts to the army.

Demonstrations are expected at 61 war memorials around the country including in York, Leeds and Scarborough.

It's over proposals to axe 20 thousand staff positions.

Statement from demonstrator.

Peaceful vigils are being held simultaneously across the UK at 11.00am today. (Tuesday 24th July)

Families and friends of soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Falkands, N Ireland and past conflicts will be in attendance across the country

The Dunkirk spirit is spreading across the country via facebook

We welcome anyone who wishes to attend. They should meet near their local cenotaph for a two minute silence. They are then asked to move to a safe place nearby where they can stand peacefully together for just one hour. Organisers in some areas are releasing yellow balloons (for peace) and reading poems.

Although we hope everyone will get behind this we wish to stress that it is a meeting of like minded people who support the armed forces and is not a rally or a demonstration for any political party. We have requested that no rosettes for any party are worn and the only decoration apart from poppies should be those by the veterans who earned them in the defence of their country

There are already far too many homeless ex services personnel living on the streets of UK. Charities who provide food and clothing are already struggling to meet their needs. The cuts will put a bigger strain on these charities.

More homeless people on the streets will lead to more poverty and more illness resulting in more money being needed for an already struggling NHS

Thousands more people on benefit will be needing money from the government instead of paying taxes to them

Soldiers returning from Afghanistan have had their leave cancelled and are among 3,500 who are needed for security at the Olympics while the MP's are given free tickets to attend the 100 metres race - the most sought after event

Over 7,000 people have joined the facebook group this week and new venues are being added all the time

Confirmed venues so far include London, Cardiff, Bangor, Caernarfon, Glasgow, Leicester, Stafford, Manchester, Leeds, Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Morayshire, Newcastle, Durham, Hull, Tamworth, Birmingham, Scarborough, Brigg, York, Bradford, Lancaster, Carlisle, Oldham, Cradley Heath, Wrexham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Eastbourne, Chatham, Taunton,
Everyone is asked to wear something yellow for peace

We aim to make the M.O.D. take notice and support our armed forces instead of making them redundant.

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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