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Final decision to be made on Burnholme Community College

Burnholme Community College 3

12:02am 17th July 2012

City of York Council's Cabinet will be asked to consider representations made in response to the proposed closure of Burnholme Community College (BCC), at a meeting today (Tuesday 17th July 2012.)

Cabinet had, on 15th May, agreed to a phased closure of Burnholme Community College, in accordance with legislation, following a formal consultation stimulated by falling student numbers at the college in recent years. Only 40 students have applied for a place for September 2012 - giving a total of 270 out of 600 potential students across all year groups, with further reductions anticipated in future years.

In line with procedures, a statutory notice proposing the phased closure was published by the local authority, which was then followed by a six-week representation period.

The representation period closed on 2nd July and was the final formal opportunity for people and organisations to express their views about the proposed closure.
Following the end of this six-week period, Cabinet Members will now consider all further observations and comments received before deciding whether to proceed with the proposals.

The Cabinet discussion follows a debate at Full Council triggered by a local petition on the 12 July. The report to the July Cabinet meeting also makes reference to the outcome and implications of a recent Ofsted inspection of the school.

If a phased closure is confirmed, the local authority will work with the college to ensure that the 172 students in the current Years 9, 10 and 11 can successfully complete their education at Burnholme before it potentially closes in 2014.  

A phased closure would also see 114 students in the current Year 8 and Year 7 move to neighbouring schools in 2013 and 2014 in order to start their GCSE courses.

The council last reviewed the position of the college in 2009. After much local debate, the local authority and other schools agreed to support a business plan proposed at that time by the Governing body. The business plan sought to increase the number of pupils applying for school places at the college. Regrettably, and despite their very best efforts, the college has been unable in changing demographic times to secure the necessary pupils.

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Burnholme Community College 3

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