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Humberside Chief Constable comments on Group 4 Olympic costs

Humberside police

8:50am 16th July 2012

Following recent coverage in the national media about policing of the Olympic Games London 2012, the Chief Constable of Humberside Police Tim Hollis has reassured local people about the cost of any additional demand on policing.

Mr Hollis said:

"The primacy must be delivering a safe and secure Olympic Games and, if additional demands fall upon the police as a result of the Group 4 situation, I have no doubt that the service will do what is necessary to ensure a successful Games.

"As Chief of Humberside, however, I would reassure local people than I will take robust steps to ensure that the cost of any such additional demand does not fall on local forces. It cannot be acceptable for the failures of a private company to fall upon the shoulders of the public sector, be it the military or the police.

Mr Hollis, who oversees the national unit which coordinates requests for mutual aid in respect of the Olympics, said: "Where responsibility lies for recent events is for others to determine. My commitment is to ensure that the pre-planned contribution by Humberside Police to the Games is delivered on time and that we strive to minimise the impact upon local policing. At this stage, no additional requests for mutual aid have been received by this force but nationally plans are still being revised.

"I do also consider this experience will have long term implications. In recent years we've heard a great deal of how the private sector can take on aspects of the policing in a more cost effective manner, and I don't doubt that there is an element of truth in that, but it is not a panacea. On this particular occasion they have been weighed, measured and found wanting and the Military and Police have stepped up to recover the situation - but at a cost."

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