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Police warning after spate of thefts in Selby


2:22pm 29th June 2012
(Updated 2:23pm 29th June 2012)

Police in Selby are appealing for information and reminding residents to be extra vigilant following six thefts from vehicles and the theft of a horse-box which all occurred within a period of 24 hours.

The horse-box was stolen from a farm near Babthorpe in the Selby area during the night of 27 to 28 June. On the same night in Low Street, South Milford, the side mouldings from a BMW car were stolen, tools were taken from two parked vehicles, one in Kirkby Avenue, Selby, the other in North Road, Fairburn. Also in Fairburn on the same night, a car was entered and wellingtons and sunglasses were taken.

Yesterday afternoon (28 June) a holdall and camera were stolen from a Ford Focus after thieves smashed the window of the car which was parked at Eggborough Power Station.

Between 10.30pm last night (28 June) and just after 12am this morning, 200 litres of diesel was siphoned from a vehicle at a farm in Kirk Smeaton.

Police are asking members of the public who saw anything suspicious in any of these areas, including vehicles or people, to contact them.

In the meantime, officers are asking people to be vigilant and take adequate security measures. The most basic preventative measures can help prevent opportunist thieves from getting their hands on your belongings.

Inspector Richard Abbott of Selby Safer Neighbourhood Team, said:

“Thieves are opportunist and will take any opportunity you give them.

“Please be vigilant and remove all your belongings from your vehicles, especially valuable items such as tools and electronic equipment. It’s highly likely that your insurance company won’t cover the full cost of the items as most policies have a small limit for things which are taken from a car.

“Tools in particular are extremely popular with thieves and we urge all tradesmen to remove their tools when their vehicle is not in use. If you are parked on a job, always lock your vehicle and hide your tools out of sight when you are not with the vehicle.

“If you have a garage, always use it. If not, please park in the most secure, well lit areas you can. We cannot stress how important it is to remove anything valuable from your car, or at least hide it from view if you are out and about.

“If a thief can see it, they will almost certainly try to take it. Let’s make their life as difficult as possible.”

Anyone with any information about the thefts is asked to call North Yorkshire Police on 101. Or, you can pass information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Fuel theft tips

The average car tank holds around sixty pound's worth of fuel and can be emptied in seconds.

To protect your vehicle from fuel theft follow the following tips:

  • Use a garage if you have one.
  • Always use a locking fuel filler cap.
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit, public area or a secure car park. Thieves don't like to be disturbed, so the busier the area, the better.
  • Ask yourself do you have to fill up before you leave the vehicle overnight? Leave the vehicle with little fuel in the tank and fill up the next day when you set off again.
  • A simple knock against the side of the tank will give an indication of how much fuel is in your vehicle. If there's not much to steal, the thief is likely to leave yours alone.
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