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Yorkshire could lose out on millions of pounds of EU funding


7:36am 28th June 2012

Yorkshire and Humber MEP Edward McMillan-Scott is pressing the Coalition government for a fair share of EU funding for the region, dedicated largely to job creation and research, as negotiations begin over the £500 million earmarked for Yorkshire & Humber between 2014 and 2021.

The European Union supports eligible regions, including Yorkshire & Humber, to help them boost their economies and create jobs.  Funding from the European Union is often vital to ensure that projects around the region can take place. 

Mr McMillan-Scott met with Liberal Democrat Party President Mr Tim Farron MP in Leeds on Friday to make the case for fair funding for our region.

Mr McMillan-Scott commented:

“Talks are under way over how much the UK will get, as well as how much each region will be allocated in the next funding tranche. The government wants an overall cut of the EU’s forward budget but I am determined to make sure that Yorkshire & Humber does not lose out on funds, especially in relation to Scotland and Wales.

“Now that the Regional Development Agency has been abolished, it is important that Yorkshire & Humber has a strong voice in Brussels and London, fighting for our fair share of funding.”

Writing in a regional newspaper on the Euro crisis, Mr McMillan-Scott said:

“For Yorkshire and the Humber, the ongoing negotiations about the next phase (2014-2020) of Brussels’ “structural funds” are important.

“How much of the £500m dedicated largely to employment will actually arrive here depends on the overall cuts demanded by London. In the end, the key question to be answered is whether all this creates “additionality”, in other words, greater economies of scale and the avoidance of duplication, such as in research.”

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