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North Yorkshire man helps tackle childhood obesity

Jason at 21 stone

8:49am 12th June 2012
(Updated 9:08am 12th June 2012)

Obesity levels in kids across North Yorkshire are being tackled.

A man in York who fought a battle with his own weight when he was a teen is helping other youngsters in the same position.

Jason Diprose is now a personal trainer helping overweight kids lose weight in a fun and inclusive way.

Jason tells us his story

Before entering the health and fitness industry I was a chronically overweight teenager. By the age of 18, I weighed 21 stones [133 kilos]. Through careful dieting and focused exercise, I lost 10 stones [63 kilos] and developed the athletic body I had always wanted.

My name is Jason Diprose. I'm a personal trainer and obesity expert, based in York. I specialize in childhood weight management and the promotion of 'pro-active' living for young people.

Using techniques I learned during my own dramatic weight loss and fitness journey, it is now my mission to lead others to achieve their own goals.

As a child growing up, I was isolated, depressed, incredibly unfit, and entirely lacking the motivation needed to take action against my current situation; I fell into a “vicious-circle” of the worst kind and almost stayed there for good.

It got so bad that I had heart palpitations just walking up stairs, and even turned to drink to console my self during my early college years whilst still consuming copious amounts of junk food and living a dreadfully sedentary lifestyle.

One day I woke up and decided I had to take action; I was going nowhere in life and I was well-aware of the dire state of health I was in. It was simply a case of taking action or facing an early grave, and at eighteen I wasn’t ready to give up.

I studied nutrition and exercise relentlessly whilst focusing on performing healthy eating and effective exercise routines pieced together through hours and hours of reading online forums and magazines; between 2007 and 2008 I achieved a total weight loss of 10 stones (63 kilo’s) through my efforts.

Unfortunately, after reaching my target weight of 11 and a half stones, I battled with an exercise and eating disorder that proved more difficult to overcome than my weight loss was; luckily with support from my friends and family I was able to pull through safely and exercise my way to the muscular toned physique I had always wanted since being a young child.

After my own transformation; I know how difficult it is to get into shape safely and healthily – I’ve been there and done it all. I’ve been obese, skinny, unfit, unhealthy, de-motivated, lacking in energy and strength, and I’ve certainly been confused, afraid and daunted by the endless wealth of often conflicting information available on exercise and nutrition in general.

Now that I’m on the “other-side”; I’ve salvaged the useful bits and I’m now able to give no-nonsense and truly effective advice to others without any complications or needless confusion. People just want to know the simple answer to their questions, and I have it.

The subject of Obesity is one I take VERY seriously, and I am available for any questions relating to it; especially those regarding childhood obesity and effective measures for parents to safeguard against inactive and unhealthy living in a sensible and undisruptive (to their child’s natural living process) manner.

Obesity is the biggest single threat to health in the developed world. Indeed, it is an epidemic*.

The benefits of great fitness and sensible weight management are well documented: better life expectancy, improved quality of life, greater energy, enhanced mental health and self-esteem, and significantly greater effectiveness both at work and play.

So, we all know what the answer is...regular exercise and good weight management. But why is it that only four out of every 100 people who try to lose weight succeed in reaching their target?**

There is no one simple single answer; but a major barrier to success is that most people find it almost impossible to maintain their focus if they exercise alone.

Working with a personal trainer is proven to be nearly 60 per cent more effective than training alone.***

To complement exercising with a personal trainer; people who also join in group training or exercise discover enhanced benefits too.

Using my unique first hand experience, and working in conjunction with like-minded collaborators, I have now launched a ground-breaking weight loss programme at the One Club in York. Our aim is to combine the benefits of intense, effective exercise with a personal trainer, coupled with the benefits of exercise in a highly-motivated group.

Together with celebrity personal trainer Silvio Semac, and Men's Health contributor and renowned personal development coach Lee Mainprize, we are now launching a revolutionary new weight loss and fitness programme at the One Club in York.

The programme is called FightBody; a 30-minute class exercise programme designed to achieve the end result of a toned, honed and fit physique.

We guarantee that women who join the Fight Body programme will drop at least one dress size within the first 30 days of taking part. Men can expect similar improvements in their body shape and fitness levels.

So why FightBody?

The creation of the FightBody programme took place over the space of three years after closely studying the training methods of experienced professional Martial Artists.

Martial Arts experts are amongst the fittest, strongest and leanest individuals on the planet – this is because their training is designed to vastly increase their metabolism whilst gaining explosive strength and amazing physical endurance, all whilst keeping body fat levels within a very healthy range as the “excess” weight simply has no place within a professional athletic environment.

What does this mean for the average gym goer? Incredible fitness levels, brilliant fat-loss and the ability to conquer almost every “normal” task with little to no effort.

This training system was even used to get Hollywood A-listers including Tom Hardy (Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises), and Holly Valance (Prison Break, Strictly Come Dancing) in “camera-ready” shape within a short period of time.

I'm thrilled that this level of training is now available to the general public, without the huge costs associated with 'star-quality' training.

At the One Club, we have the perfect recipe to deliver fast, safe and healthy fat loss.

I am inviting everyone in the York area to vist One Club and find out more about the Fight Body classes. There are strictly only 100 places available - Call the centre  on 01904 692211 to check availability now.

Fight Body is for everyone – from the 'spin class' hero to the complete beginner. It doesn't matter what level of fitness you have – Fight Body will deliver astonishing fat loss and training results.

One Club can be found at: Pioneer Business Park, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4TN

(Next to ADP dental surgery)

Visit the Fight Body website, click here for more.

Pictured, Jason at 21 stone and Jason now:

Jason at 21 stone

Jason now

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