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York Traffic Wardens Plan to Strike


2:43pm 23rd May 2012

Traffic wardens in York are planning to strike.

In partnership with Unison they've issued the City of York Council with notice of their intention to walk out.

It's all over shift pattern changes from 4 to 5 day working weeks.

The council claim it necessary to save cash, but the union says "it's change for the sake of change."

No date has yet been fixed for the potential strike action.

Official details from Unison

Under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, UNISON has issued City of York Council with notice of Ballot of Industrial Action. This is on behalf of its members working in Civil Enforcement (Parking).

The Council is trying to force through changes which will mean that staff will be expected to work five day shifts rather than the current four days which has been in operation for years.

The Council claim that the changes are necessary to meet the Tory-led Government-required budget cut targets. However there has been no explanation of how a five day work pattern over a four day work pattern will accomplish this aim.

Staff are regularly the victims of verbal abuse and targets for violence. The Civil Enforcement Officers walk at least 10 miles per day, every day, fulfilling their duties. The three days break between shifts allows for rest, recuperation and preparation for the following week.

Of course the public perception of the job is not always favourable, but they provide a vital function in ensuring that traffic through York keeps flowing and York residents are keen to preserve the integrity of residents-only parking.

UNISON member and Civil Enforcement Officer Neal Hartley said:

"This is change for the sake of change.

It will not make the so-called 'savings' the Council are claiming and will result in a poorer service for residents due to reduced patrol times.

A recent independent survey showed we are hitting our targets despite having a reduced number of staff.

The Council cannot claim that these changes are service-driven.

The changes will no doubt result in higher sickness rates due to higher levels of stress and fatigue which will cost the Council more in the long run.”

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