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First ever edible dress showcased in North Yorkshire


12:01am 16th May 2012

To celebrate using local produce at York races , the County's first ever edible dress will be unveiled.

Last year they made a racehourse statue made entirely of local veg.

The dress will be made entirely of fresh local produce, including asparagus, spring greens and lettus.

Press Release from York Racecourse:

Asparagus Farmer and Local sourcing champion Ronda Morritt will be modelling a dress made entirely of fresh edible local produce-including her farm fresh asparagus.  
Fashion is always top of the agenda at York Races, so when York Racecourse Hospitality wanted to celebrate their commitment to using locally produced food on race goers plates, it commissioned an haute couture dress made entirely from Yorkshire produce.
The dress made from asparagus, lettuce, and spring greens is worn by Asparagus Farmer and Local Food Campaigner Ronda Morritt-Yorkshire's Own Version of Lady Gaga.  Ronda's grows 12 acres of asparagus from her 300 acre farm near Sand Hutton and supplies the course and county what many consider spring's finest delicacy.

The elegant dress made from actual spring greens is accented with Yorkshire puddings baked on site by the course's chefs. The dress and accessories were designed and made by local dressmaker and graduate of Huddersfield School of Art and Design Charlotte Miles and Jennifer Middleton.  
Nick Fazackerley of York Racecourse Hospitality explains:

"We use more local produce than any other race course in the country. We're renowned for our commitment to local farmers and producers and proudly serve the best of what the county produces."
"The cold and changeable spring has presented a huge challenge for our chefs to source the quantities we need to keep our commitment to local sourcing.  Asparagus in particular has been hard fought for as the crop has been slow coming to market. It's important that we continue to support Yorkshire's farmers and producers, particularly when the weather plays havoc with the supply chain."
"We're looking forward to giving racegoers a proper taste of Yorkshire's finest-whatever the weather."
This year's race programme starts with the Dante Festival from 16-18 May
Foodie Factfile:

Local Sourcing: Yorkshire is arguably the Britain's most foodie county - boasting a whopping 6 Michelin starred restaurants in the county. With a wealth of distinctive and delicious local produce, much of which is made by small artisan producers, York Racecourse tops the list as the UK course with outstanding food.

York Racecourse Hospitality has a remarkable commitment to local sourcing & high cooking standards. The course has its own butchery, hanging its meat for 21 days. Everything is made from scratch from sauces to terrines - choux pastry to ice cream.

Dante Festival Factfile

In 15 kitchens, over 70 managers 50 chefs and 600 serving staff at York Racecourse preparing and serving food throughout the day.

Here's a sample of what they'll be preparing:
2,225   spears of local asparagus
230      wheels of local artisan cheese
5,500   bottles of champagne
2,500   Jugs of Pimms
2100    kg of local beef on the bone
220      kg of locally smoked salmon
125      kg of fresh lobster
300      kg of peeled prawns
800      dressed crabs
7,500   rounds of sandwiches made fresh on site
540 kg of strawberries
3,500   freshly made scones for tea and over 4,500 cups of Yorkshire Tea served
2,300   Portions of Clotted Cream with freshly baked scones
2,550   Rock Oysters
190k    of South Coast Fresh fish (Hake Fillet, Red Gurnards & Seabass)


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