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Is North Yorkshire really full of dogs?


6:56am 23rd April 2012

It's official, animals really do look like their owners.

Research shows we share at least one physical similarity with our pets.

York and surrounding areas:

24% of people who have been told that they and their dog look alike.

7% of people who believe they share the same characteristics as their dog.
13% of people who believe they have a similar personality to their dog.

One of the world’s worst kept secrets has been confirmed, we can, without doubt, reveal that dogs OFFICIALLY look like their owners! 

3,000 dog-lovers have taken part in the Drontal research which confirms the overwhelming majority share at least one physical likeness to their pet.

Nationally for 10%, it’s been proven they’re sharing more like six characteristics including the quarter (27%) of petite owners with small or toy dogs, the third (29%) of overweight owners who admit their pooches are carrying a few extra pounds and the two thirds (61%) of dogs with closely cropped fur, like Jack Russells or Boxers, who are walked by owners sporting similar hair-do’s.  

And it's not just physical appearance that makes owners 'dog-ringers' for their pets as we uncover the personality similarities too; almost half (47%)of dogs have the same friendly and playful persona as their owners while 39% admit their dog’s as grumpy as they are! 

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