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Over a million pounds worth of criminal assets seized in North Yorkshire


10:21am 20th April 2012
(Updated 10:25am 20th April 2012)

Over a million pounds of criminal assests have been seized by North Yorkshire Police.

The force has been using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to seize stolen property, vehicles and drugs.

The force say the technology is helping them crack down on cross boarder crimes too.

Statement from North Yorkshire Police:

North Yorkshire Police’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) team have again proved why the technology is one of the most effective tools available to the police service.

In the last financial year, the force’s ANPR team have seized £1,350,160. worth of stolen property, vehicles and drugs, summonsed 1,588 people to court and have made 88 arrests.

1,025 fixed penalty notices have been issued by the team, mainly for motoring offences.

523 vehicles have been seized for having no insurance, or because the driver using the did not have a valid licence.  

88 people were arrested for offences including theft, drugs, burglary, motoring offences and people wanted on warrants.

Over 700 vehicles or people have been searched.

Sergeant Ian Butler who heads North Yorkshire Police’s ANPR team, said:

“ANPR continues to be an invaluable tool in the fight against crime, proving its worth time and time again. Denying criminals the use of our roads is a major priority for us and the technology enables us to do this very efficiently and effectively.

“Not only do the cameras help to detect motoring offences which blight the lives of law-abiding people, they also provide a rich source of intelligence, analysis and post-incident investigation, as well as providing valuable assistance to officers during ongoing incidents.

“ANPR is used locally and nationally, across force and regional borders, allowing effective, collaborative responses to disrupt the criminal fraternity.”

“In the current financial climate, it is vital that we make the best use of our available resources. The roads are vital to criminals and by working harder and smarter, we will deny them the use of our road network.

 “It must be stressed that law-abiding motorists have nothing to fear. The system is intelligence based and flags up vehicles linked to criminality, allowing police to focus on those engaged in unlawful activity.”

ANPR is a key feature of Operation Vanguard, the force’s current campaign to keep travelling criminals out of North Yorkshire.

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