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Yorkshire MEP backs the 'Not Ashamed' campaign

Godfrey Bloom

12:00am 20th April 2012

Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom is backing the Not Ashamed campaign in support of Christians being able to openly display their faith.

"I am outraged that David Cameron stood up and said that Christians should be able to wear crosses while at the same time his own ministers are saying the opposite to the EU.

"This is just typical of the hypocrisy we have come to expect from our Prime Minister and it is a betrayal of religious belief," said Mr Bloom.

"In a written statement to European human rights judges the Home Office has said that Christians must be content to keep their religion for their own time and disgracefully, in my view, they also say those unwilling to do so are  'free to resign and seek employment elsewhere'.

"This came just two days after Cameron spoke up for Christian values and Downing Street confirmed that his view 'is that people should be able to wear crosses.'

"It is another example of our Prime Minister saying one thing but his government doing the opposite and he should be ashamed.

"This is still a Christian country and if people want to wear crosses at work they should be able to do so quite freely and proudly. I fully support the Not Ashamed campaign which is speaking up for Christian values," said Mr Bloom.

For more details on the campaign go to: http://www.notashamed.org.uk/

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