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Jane Tomlinson Appeal - the latest mammoth challenge


12:02am 18th April 2012

The family of Yorkshire fundraiser Jane Tomlinson are passing through York on their latest mammoth challenge.

Father and daughter team, Mike and Rebecca, have already run the Paris marathon.

They're now cycling down to London and will run another 26.2 miles there on Sunday (22nd April 2012).

It's all to mark ten years since the Jane Tomlinson Appeal was set up.

Further Details About the Challenge
First stop was the Paris Marathon. Last Sunday Mike, Rebecca and the team set off on their eight day challenge to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal Anniversary.

Following in the footsteps of Jane, who set the endurance bar high completing challenges such as the Florida Ironman in 2004 and a 2500mile bike ride across America in 2006, an endurance challenge was the only fitting way to mark the anniversary.

Last Sunday marked the start of the challenge with the Paris Marathon. The team then set off on a 6 day cycle ride on route to London via France, Belgium and the Appeal's home turf of Yorkshire.

Joining the family for the challenge will be a team of friends including Appeal patrons Chrissie Wellington, Tracey Morris and supporter of the Appeal MP Greg Mulholland.

The schedule:

Monday 16th - Creil to Lens 159.06km
Tuesday 17th - Lens to Brugge 110.55Km
Overnight ferry to Hull
Wednesday 18th - Hull to Leeds via York 128.37km
Thursday 19th - Leeds to Newark 123.75km
Friday 20th - Newark to Cambridge 166.07km
Saturday 21st - Cambridge to London 99.75km
Sunday 22nd - London Marathon

Mike Tomlinson said:

"Jane's feats have been un-paralleled and looking back several years on, seem all the more extraordinary. As a family we wanted to both mark the 10th Anniversary and celebrate it. We can't begin to replicate what she achieved but in our own small way wanted to bow our heads to an extraordinary wife, mother and woman.

"A challenge of this intensity will not only be mental challenge but without doubt a physical one to and to help keep the team hydrated along the way Lucozade will be supporting the challenge with product along the journey.

Lucozade Sport Scientist, Jane Griffin BSc RD SENr "Taking on such a huge challenge involves a dietary challenge as well as an incredible physical and mental one. It is vital for the team to take on a high amount of carbohydrates, fluid and protein to make sure they can wake up each morning and keep going."

"Taking Mike Tomlinson as a model for the Challenge, Mike will need to take on an average 4535kcals a day including on average 112.5g of protein and on average 750g of carbohydrate a day. The amount of fluid Mike will require will depend on his rate of sweat loss which depends on a lot of factors throughout his challenge such as weather, intensity and clothing. Mike will need to monitor his hydration throughout the Challenge. An easy way to do this is to keep an eye on the colour of your pee - Challenge members should aim to keep their pee to a pale straw colour. Taking on Lucozade Sport Body Fuel will give participants fuel to get through the miles, isotonic fluid to rehydrate and electrolytes to replace nutrients lost in sweat."

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal was set up by a very determined Yorkshire woman to help children's and cancer charities across Yorkshire, the UK and the globe.

Before her death in 2007, Jane Tomlinson CBE raised £1.85 million for children's and cancer charities through a series of physical challenges including her Ride Across America.

Jane knew her life was limited but wanted to create a vehicle which would allow others across communities the opportunity to raise money for good causes close to their own hearts and to share in the excitement and fulfilment that she had experienced through her own fundraising events.

Since the inaugural Leeds 10K in 2007, Run For All has continued to grow and now has three highly successful, well established 10K runs in Yorkshire.

Last year also saw the launch of the first Swim and Walk For All events.

Launched back in 2002,the Jane Tomlinson Appeal to date has raised over £4million for charity and over the years the Appeal has supported a range of charities both local and nationally, helping to fund refurbishment projects and purchase vital medical equipment.

With 2012 marking the Appeal's 10th Anniversary we are hoping to mark these celebrations by reaching our fundraising target of £5million.

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