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Piggy in the middle of EU madness

Godfrey Bloom

12:00am 17th April 2012

Local families could be once again hit in the pocket by EU madness, this time with unnecessary interference in pig rearing.

That's from Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom.

He says the result of bureaucrats meddling, insisting that gaps in shed floors must be reduced by one millimetre, may lead to an increase in the price of bacon, pork and ham.

Godfrey says:

"Bangers and mash and bacon butties are among life's pleasures, they shouldn't be made one of life's luxuries because of such EU nonsense."

"Apparently British farmers could be forced to spend about £28 million revamping their pig sheds because the EU says gaps in the floors are a millimetre too wide. This may well lead to farmers quitting the business altogether and a rise in the cost of pork products.

"I am told that a Boroughbridge pig farmer, who has a herd of 80,000 pigs, would be left with a £120,000 bill and he would rather quit that pay for the work. That would be such a tragedy.

"It is claimed the alteration will stop pigs catching their trotters and being injured but farmers and vets say there is no evidence of them being hurt and a narrower gap could cause hygiene problems," said Mr Bloom, local Euro-MP.

"I am pleased that urgent talks are now taking place between the National Pig Association and the Food and Farming Minister, Jim Paice. This madness is just typical of ridiculous nit-picking ideas dreamt up by Brussels pen-pushers to justify their jobs. They should trot off back to their desks and stop interfering in our lives.

"The directive stipulating a maximum gap of 18mm is due to come into force in January and it is vital that meanwhile everything is done to safeguard our pig rearing industry and prevent price rises."

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