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"Leave our booze alone"

Godfrey Bloom

12:01am 2nd April 2012

Godfrey Bloom, local UKIP MEP, has called for as many people as possible to take part in a new Government consultation on the drink industry.

Suggestions in the consultation include plain packaging, marketing bans and raising the legal drinking age.

"Can you imagine what the interior of a pub will look like if these plans see the light of day", said Mr  Bloom. "How will small local breweries compete if they cannot advertise?"

"Anybody who cares about beer, anybody who cares about our local pubs, and anybody who cares about our freedoms should get involved and add their voice to the consultation."

"The government and media are in a state of panic about the rate of drinking in the UK, said Mr Bloom.

"But making policy during a panic is nearly always bad news. Of course we need to tackle problem drinking. Many of our town and city centres become no-go zones after dark.

"However we already have laws to tackle these problems, and what we need to do is to use those laws rather than come up with another range of rules that will hammer small independent brewers and pubs, rather than tackle the main problems.

"Let's be honest, raising the legal drinking age isn't going to stop 14 year-olds drinking strong cider and lager in the park. But it will cut down on the freedom of people to have a beer, people who are old enough to fight and die in our military.

"There may be some good ideas on how to tackle problem drinking, but we mustn't be bounced into making bad decisions," said Mr Bloom.

The consultation can be found here:

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