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Local MP hits out at council tax increase

Julian Sturdy

5:14pm 12th March 2012

Julian Sturdy, Member of Parliament for York Outer, has once again criticised the City of York Council for pushing ahead with an unnecessary rise in council tax.
During Communities and Local Government Question in the House of Commons, Mr Sturdy asked Eric Pickles, Secretary of State, what he made of the City of York Council's decision to reject a £1.8 million grant from central Government and instead add to the financial pressure facing households by increasing council tax by 2.9%.
In response, the Secretary of State said:
"Increasing council tax is not in the interests of York. The Council has not protected its council tax payers and they should find themselves in a very difficult position when canvassing on the doorstep."
Speaking after the exchange, Mr Sturdy said:
"The ruling administration on the City of York Council is claiming that by accepting the Government's grant this year, residents will face a double whammy in council tax increases next year. This is simply untrue."  
"No matter how much spin is used, the ruling administration is wholly responsible and accountable for a needless tax increase which will hit local residents hard. In rejecting the Government's grant, the Council has sent a very clear and loud message - that the Labour Party's utter disregard for taxpayers' money remains as prevalent as it did under the last Labour Government."  

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