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York paedophile's escapes jail


12:08pm 17th February 2012
(Updated 12:10pm 17th February 2012)

A York paedophile has escaped jail for sending bloodied razor blades and obscene letters to the Samaritans.

39 year old Karl William Martin Fox from Clifton served a six year prison sentence in the 1990s for abusing a boy.

Now he's been back in court and pleaded guilty to two charges of sending obscene letters by mail.

The bloodstained letters contained razor blades and detailed Fox's sadistic desires.

One was an eight-page account of sadistic sexual abuse and torture of a young boys.

Fox also claimed to have abused other children for which he had not received justice.

But a police investigation found no evidence to support his allegations.

Fox has been given a nine month prison sentence, suspended for two years; and a two year supervision order aimed at dealing with his "disturbed" behaviour.

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