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North Yorkshire Police Authority freeze amount we pay


12:35pm 13th February 2012
(Updated 1:09pm 13th February 2012)

The Police Authority in North Yorkshire have decided to freeze the amount of council tax we pay for the service.

Today it made the decison on whether to raise the cost by three percent.

The Police will use a Govenment grant to help them reach the savings without taking more cash from our pockets.

Statement from the NYPA:

North Yorkshire Police Authority has today set the policing budget for 2012/13 at £138.535m – a reduction of almost £2m from the current year.

In setting the budget, members of the North Yorkshire Police Authority decided to not increase the police precept – the amount residents pay towards policing as part of their council tax. By not increasing the precept, members instead decided to accept the one-off grant of £1.84m that has been offered by the Government for 2012/13.

Commenting on the decision, Chairman of the North Yorkshire Police Authority Jane Kenyon said:

“There has a lot of debate about whether or not the Authority should accept the council tax freeze grant or increase the precept.

“Today’s decision means that we are not placing any additional burden on our communities to continue providing the best possible policing service that we can but, it could mean a small shortfall in the baseline budget in a couple of years.

“However, we are confident that the incoming Police and Crime Commissioner will be able to manage that shortfall, should it occur.

“With North Yorkshire currently the safest place in England to live, we think we are getting the balance right and we will strive to continue to do so.”


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