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Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year

York group opposes council budget cuts

York Stop the Cuts

12:00am 3rd February 2012

Local campaign group York Stop the Cuts have expressed anger at the council budget, which will commit the City to cuts of £22 million in services over the next two years.

"This council budget represents a serious attack on jobs and local services in York. It will lead to vital services disappearing, and those that are left will be dramatically under resourced. The budget will disproportionately affect the poorest and most vulnerable in our city, those that use and need these services most." said campaigner Nick Smith.

York Stop the Cuts opposes the whole cuts agenda which is increasing the wealth gap, leading to a double dip recession and even more unemployment. The group demands a close in tax loopholes as well as investing in areas such as housing, renewable energy, and public transport to create jobs and build a fairer and more equal society.

"These cuts are not necessary. The banks owe us billions from the bailout, but the Conservative Government is choosing to pass the cost on to us. In turn, the local council is simply accepting the need to implement these cuts. It's time for people to stand up and have their say." said Mark Bentley, another group member.

The group is organising a public protest outside the council budget setting meeting from 6pm on 23rd February. They feel that there has been a lack of consultation over the budget, with no real discussion of alternative options.

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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