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Does this jewellery belong to you?


9:44am 16th January 2012
(Updated 11:40am 16th January 2012)

Detectives from York CID are appealing for the owners of suspected stolen jewellery to contact them.

Officers working on the force’s burglary crackdown, Operation Haven, carried out a search of a property in the Bishopthorpe area of York as part of an operation to arrest a suspect.

During the search they discovered several items of jewellery which they suspect have been stolen.

A photo gallery has been uploaded to North Yorkshire Police’s website with images of the jewellery and police are appealing to members of the public to check the images to see if they recognise any of the property as theirs.

PICTURED: Some of the items recovered

Jewellery - Stolen 2

Jewellery - Stolen 1

Jewellery - Stolen 4

Jewellery - Stolen 3

Jewellery - Stolen 5

DC Sinead McConigley of York CID, said:

“I’d encourage anyone who has suffered a burglary in which jewellery was taken to check the images to see if they recognise any of the items.

“It’s important that the jewellery is returned to its rightful owner. Jewellery is very personal and there is often sentimental value attached to the piece.”

Some of the items are very distinctive, they include a pendant necklace with the letter ‘K’ attached, Celtic style jewellery and a baby’s bangle with the words “twinkle twinkle little star”

The gallery can be viewed, just click here.

If you believe any of the items are yours, please ring the burglary team at York CID on 01904 669867.

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