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Anger over rushed Germany Beck consultation

Keith Aspden

5:51pm 2nd December 2011

A new consultation on the controversial Germany Beck housing development is being rushed and risks preventing local people from having their say, according to Fulford's Liberal Democrat Councillor Keith Aspden.

Councillor Aspden expressed his concerns as it emerged residents were only likely to receive a weeks notice of the only planned public consultation event, which is being held ahead of the submission of a reserved matters planning application.

Residents are expected to receive a leaflet this week notifying them that a public exhibition of the detailed plans for the development will take place in Fulford Social Hall on 9th December.

Councillor Aspden said this wouldn't be enough notice for some people and questioned how residents would be able to share their views if they could not attend the exhibition.

He said:

"The Germany Beck development is a big issue for local residents and I am sure there will be large numbers of people wanting to attend. However, only giving a weeks notice will make it difficult for many people and they may miss out on being able to give their views before the planning application is submitted."

Councillor Aspden said he was also concerned that the planned timescale would not allow residents to get adequate feedback from Persimmon Homes.

He said:

"Residents and groups, such as Fulford Parish Council, will not only want to pass on their views, but they will also want to receive feedback from the developers about what they intend to do."

"While I appreciate that the developers want to work to their deadlines, they have had many months and years to develop a community consultation plan. It does seem that they are rushing through this consultation and aren't really that interested in getting local people fully involved."

"I will continue to push the Council and Persimmon to make improvements to the consultation. It is vital that local people's views are heard before the planning application is submitted in order for them to have a realistic chance of securing changes."

Residents can get updates about the consultation from Councillor Aspden's website www.keithaspden.mycouncillor.org.uk

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