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York MP publishes Parliamentary Report


12:01am 2nd December 2011
(Updated 8:12am 2nd December 2011)

Hugh Bayley, MP for York Central, is publishing a “Parliamentary News” report available to download electronically from his website at just click here.
In the past, Mr Bayley produced an annual report funded by the Communications Allowance available to Members of Parliament, which was then distributed to households in the York Central constituency. 

His new report for 2011 has been produced without recourse to public funds and is published electronically to save money at a time when costs are being cut across the public sector and throughout Parliament. 

It is available to download from Mr Bayley’s website and has been circulated to subscribers of Mr Bayley’s monthly eBulletin.

The 2011 report covers the period since the general election in May 2010 and details Hugh Bayley’s work to protect frontline services from spending cuts. 

He has spoken out to protect Police budgets, defend the NHS and save our public forests. 

It also reports Mr Bayley’s work speaking up for York on jobs, housing and flood defences. 

The period saw Hugh Bayley act as Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons while the election for three new Deputy
Speakers took place; after which he was praised by Speaker John Bercow for his “great care and good sense”. 

Hugh Bayley MP says:

“It has become much harder to protect jobs and public services in York since the general election.  The Coalition Government needs to balance the budget but they are undermining the fragile economic recovery by cutting too fast and too deep before the private sector is ready to pick up the slack”.

“I want people in York to know what I have been doing on their behalf and I have therefore produced a “Parliamentary News” report on my work since the general election.  I hope that people will visit my website at www.hughbayley.co.uk to download the report, which has been published online as a cost-cutting measure during times of austerity. If people without access to the Internet would like to receive a copy in the post, they can telephone my office on York 623713”.

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