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Graduated driver licensing

Road Safety

12:01am 22nd November 2011

There's calls for graduated driver licensing to be introduced in the UK.

That's when restrictions are put on novices after their test for up to 2 years.

Yorkshire road safety charity Brake claim it'll help cut the 200 preventable deaths amoungst youngsters every year on our roads.

Brake believe the following restrictions should be legally enforced on novice drivers:

  • Drivers should hold a 'novice' licence for a recommended two years after passing a practical driving test.
  • Novice drivers should be allowed to drive unsupervised, but there should be certain restrictions on their driving, including:
    1. Novice drivers should only carry passengers who are younger than 25 under supervision. Novice drivers who are parents and need to carry their own children (or other dependents) should be exempted.
    2. Novice drivers should not be permitted to drive at night, for the recommended period 11pm-6am, unless supervised or travelling directly to or from work or school.
    3. Novice drivers should have a zero tolerance drink drive limit of 20mg of alcohol per 100ml blood.
    4. Novice drivers should not drive on motorways.
  • Novice drivers should be restricted in the size of engine they can drive.
  • Any driving offences, or failure to comply with the restrictions during this period, should result in automatic disqualification.
  • Novice drivers should be required to take a further 10 hours of professional tuition, during which they must drive on motorways and at night.
  • Novice drivers should be required to pass a second driving test at the end of the two year period to help ensure safe driving on all types of roads.

The road safety charity is now calling on the government to consider introducing graduated driver licensing.

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