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Ticket touts caught outside Leeds Festival


12:01am 17th November 2011

Officers from a number of different agencies joined forces with Leeds Festival organisers once again this year to form a 'Multi agency tout response vehicle'.

The vehicle toured the roads around the festival site at Bramham Park during the event which took place over the bank holiday weekend in August.

Code-named 'Operation Beryllium' this is the second year that the operation, which is financed by organisers Festival Republic, has run and once again it proved a huge success in disrupting the activities of ticket touts.

In a minibus provided by Leeds Festival, officers and evidence gathering staff from West Yorkshire Police, Leeds City Council Highways Enforcement, West Yorkshire Trading Standards and Leeds Festival ticketing staff toured the roads around the festival site.

They stopped and interviewed all touts and were able to issue two cease trading orders to individuals who refused to leave when requested.

Trading on the highway is not permitted in Leeds without the consent of Leeds City Council.

Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Festival Republic which organises Leeds Festival, said:

"I am delighted that agencies once again were able to join together in such a united and organised manner and that we were able to disrupt the touts' activities. We hope very much to repeat the response vehicle again in the future and are very grateful to all the agencies involved for their co-operation."

David Lodge, from West Yorkshire Trading Standards, added:

"Working with partner agencies we have shown that it is possible to disrupt this undesirable activity and send a clear message that we do not tolerate illegal traders around the festival site."

Inspector Marcus Griffiths, from West Yorkshire Police, said:

"From a Policing perspective being able to work so closely with both public and private agencies demonstrates how joint working can have a positive impact on crime reduction."

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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