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Smoking in cars should be against the law


12:21pm 16th November 2011

Smoking in cars should be against the law.

That's according to doctors who say second hand smoke in vehicles is even more deadly than in smoky pubs and clubs.

The British Medical Association says young children and the elderly are particularly at risk if a smoker lights up in a vehicle.

But the government says it has no plans to create more laws on smoking.

Yorkshire Euro MP, Godfrey Bloom, has today described the recommendation by the British Medical Association as "draconian".

He's also accused the BMA of flagrantly abusing the facts in its attempt to bully the Government into introducing such a ban.

PICTURED: Godfrey Bloom

Godfrey Bloom

The Yorkshire MEP has released the following statement:

"The key argument that the BMA is using is that ' the restrictive internal environment in motor vehicles exposes drivers and passengers to 23 times more toxins than a smoky bar.'

"This is demonstrably rubbish", said Mr Bloom, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

"Anybody who has any claim to be interested in scientific evidence - and one hopes that an august organisation like the BMA should be interested in scientific evidence - would know that this fictional statistic is derived from a tiny article in an obscure Canadian newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News. 

"It was never scientific, but merely the expression of rage on the part of an anti-smoking campaigner.

"It is wrong that such a false statistic should be used to back up this move, which is plainly a step too far.

"The evidence of their sleight of hand can be found in a study of the evidence published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

"The proposed ban is based on junk science and would be an outrageous infringement of civil liberties. I would love to see them tell a bunch of pensioners that they were unable to smoke in their own cars. Not only would it be wrong, but it would be impossible to police. The very definition of bad law.

"Nobody would encourage people to smoke, nor would anybody be wildly happy about, as they say, forcing children to breath your smoke. But have these pettifogging nincompoops ever heard of car windows?"

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