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£200k for North Yorkshire's top cop


11:28am 31st October 2011
(Updated 7:08am 1st November 2011)

North Yorkshire's Police Chief Constable, Graham Maxwell, going to get £200,000 when he leaves the force in May.

It's left many taxpayers angry that he'll receive such a large lump-sum, especially after he admitted to gross misconduct.

But the Police Authority say it's "not a pay-off", it's money entitled to him as he's unable to complete his 30 years service for his pension.

Mike Stubbs is from the Police Federation.

We asked him whether he can understand taxpayer's anger?


Grahame Maxwell will leave the force in May 2012 after his request to renew his fixed-term appointment was rejected by the authority.

He admitted gross misconduct in helping a relative during a recruitment drive.

North Yorkshire Police Authority said the payment was required under police regulations.

Home Office regulations require senior officers to be compensated if they are unable to complete 30 years' pensionable service.

Mr Maxwell would only complete that period if he stayed in the force until 2013.

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